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Brackets and Mounts
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Brackets and Mounts

Motor and transmissions mounts are simply brackets, mostly made of rubber and metal, that attaches the engine and transmission to the frame or superstructure of the vehicle. They're designed to keep the engine and transmission in place yet isolate the vibrations and resonance that come from these parts as the operate. A broken or severely worn mount can also create a severe problem where the axle shaft can come out of the vehicle.

If you are experiencing harsh vibration, loud clunking during acceleration or braking, problems with handling or control, you may have a broken mount or bracket. Have the professionals at AAMCO Beavercreek inspect your vehicle to determine what the problem may be.

With proper bracket and mount maintenance from AAMCO Beavercreek, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle and your family will be safe on the road.